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By applying a factor of .43 (instead of .6) we get a very good match.

The .43 reduction factor is right in the ballpark when considering the SILSO value of .6 corresponds with about a 12% allowance for the Waldmeier error introduced around 1945.

The speck ratio is increasing during what is looking like a grand minimum type cycle.

This ratio is a little like the Livingston & Penn contrast measurements, the L&P method is to measure the darkest part of the spot and compare it with the photosphere to achieve a contrast figure.

So far I am on track but I also mentioned that SC24 might be a cycle where one hemisphere shuts down.

The first peak of SC24 was around 2 years ago where we saw a Sun reach its peak totally dominated by the northern hemisphere, since then there has been a gradual decline in the north to a point where now the south has nearly completely taken over and is attempting to reach a peak similar to the north 2 years ago.

There are others that suspect the Sun is modulated by the planets with a special emphasis on Uranus & Neptune.There is still much to play out that will possibly teach us why solar grand minima go for at least 2 cycles.My predictions show that SC24 will be similar to SC5.All 4 records beginning at the end of their previous cycle (where the downramp meets the bottom).

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The unsmoothed numbers showing the big swings in SC14.The Layman method is to use only sunspot groups that make the grade and then measure how many green channel pixels are in the 0-132 pixel range and then calculate the proportion of that darker area over the entire pixels in that group .