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28-Jan-2018 21:36

The g-string was a black latex g-string that looked to have the little components on it where a belt would fit it.

I wondered if she would actually make me wear a belt with it, but before I knew it, she was fitting a small black leather belt around my waist.

Turns out she's a good ten years older than I am, being 34. Sarahtw - "Of course, ma'am."I told her where I live and that anytime after 5pm was really suitable for me, since that's when my shift at work ended and I pretty much had nothing to do all day anyways. I might be a little late, I don't really know."Sarahtw - "Yes, ma'am. The way she had already given me an order really conveyed her truly dominant personality as well. It reminded me of my days back at school when I had to give a speech in front of the whole class. I also tried to pretend to myself that this was sort of just a scouting, getting to know each other thing.The heels must have only been about 3 inches, but from what I could see, they looked great. That might just be because the only other people her age that lived around me were overweight mothers.