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20-Jan-2018 19:52

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People make money with the open source projects they donate to it. I don't have anything against commercial software I use it on one of my sites just not on open source forums and sites.Every time a make a buck I donate 10% for anything I make to the open source projects I use. Some of the commercial projects listed here also come with free versions for limited use.Osdate is a free software for building online dating and community websites but with some modifications can be used for other different applications.It contains a large variety of features including: Fully integrated with v Bulletin, php BB and Flash Chat, Several payment modules available, Built-in Flash instant messenger and much more.Can anybody please give me an answer on the above as I am really struggling to get this information, your help is highly appreciated! Regards, Willem Spooren The reason why audio-video chat prices are high is generally because 1) it takes very good (expensive) Flash developers to develop them.2) video chat uses a lot of bandwidth on the server thus the hight prices of the video chat hosting solutions.

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We plan to release a support component that will also include a ticket system under gpl.

I could see a bridge being built for joomla really easy just modify one of the already bridges built into osdate already and change the path of the registration link on joomla to osdates so all the other fields are all ready there to be filled out. All you experienced professional coders probably have better solutions but for the novice hobbyist like me that can modify but not write from scratch this is my only solution.

Wish I would of found joomla a year ago so I wouldn't be rebuilding everything now, and just expanding.

I have some really bad experiences with dating software and I am struggling to collect the information I need on the Osdate Software. My questions are:· Does anybody know a decent reliable server which supports Osdate and which you can reach 24/7, video chat and audio chat included?

but I'm looking for some people to get behind me and push me to bring this to a full componenet. Recoding all of os Dates tables into Joomla tables in DB, and writing some SQL i think will work with it. Currently only profile creation and viewing is enabled. Dear All, I am planning to set up a website based on the Osdate Dating Script.os Date is a leading dating and matchmaking script.