Outlook asks for password when updating address book

22-Nov-2017 09:06

They also collect usage statistics to “improve user experience”.The security issue about Mailbird is so lowered to DEFCON 3, but still the fact that there’s no way to opt-out After all the noise Mailbird finally made clear what data they are collecting.They do that so blatantly that they don’t even care to encrypt the data.Indeed soon after the installation you receive the first spam email from the Mail Bird team, alas you are kindly subscribed to their mailing list (you can unsubscribe of course).It’s a fantastic application and it spoiled me to the point that leaving it has become almost impossible.So here starts my hunt for the perfect desktop mail client.

For a recent work I had to build myself a dedicated Windows machine.To rearrange the columns in the email list for example you can’t simply drag and drop them; you have to go in the preferences, change the column arrangement (without preview), click apply, see if the end result suits you and repeat until you are satisfied. If you need to heavily customize the interface and you have many email address, the initial setup might take quite some time.What it completely lacks is any kind of spam filter. It can be a good or a bad point to you, but email evolved and I find this lack of innovation quite annoying.It was since 2008 that I didn’t use a Windows computer on a daily basis so I had to spend quite some time to find what’s new in the Windows software landscape.

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At the same time I decided to finally get rid of gmail.Below are archived posts from the Mr Excel Message Board about Microsoft Excel VBA.