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Almost 112,914 children from ages 0 to 14 years had a nonfatal food-related choking episode that required a trip to the emergency room from 2001 to 2009.That’s an average of 12,435 children per year or 34 children per day.When studying the causes of injury, we must examine the entire spectrum of severity, including the near misses, and not just the deaths.All of the cases in this study resulted in an ER visit, and in some cases, the child required an operation where a piece of food was removed from the lungs under general anesthesia via bronchoscopy.These include children under 4 years of age should not be given hard candies or gum, and raw fruits and vegetables should be cut into small pieces.Kids don’t master proper chewing and swallowing until they’re at least 4-years-old.However, the gum ball is available at many corner convenience stores by simply dropping a quarter into a machine. There are some man-made foods that present a high choking risk to young children that can be redesigned to be made safer.We hope that the findings of this study will encourage government agencies, injury prevention experts, child advocacy groups (such as the AAP), and industry representatives to work together to develop and implement strategies to prevent pediatric choking on food. An example is the safety lollipop, which is a flat candy with a looped handle, rather than the higher-risk round lollipop on the end of a stick.

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However, if your child suddenly starts coughing, is not ill, and has a habit of putting small objects in their mouth, there's a good chance that they're choking.In the study, infants under the age of 1 accounted for 37.8 percent of all the choking cases.