Telugu private sex photos

06-Sep-2017 21:32

No matter what Randi Zuckerberg said after the fact, people were going to jump on it and make the situation a poster child for how confusing Facebook privacy controls are.

But like I said, nothing is ever private on the Internet.

Yes, this all sounds very conflated, and yes, Facebook privacy controls are about as easy to understand as left-handed scissors for a right-handed person.

However, somewhere in this big news cycle, publications started to tell the story that said Facebook CEO’s sister clearly didn’t understand Facebook’s privacy controls.

If you see someone try to pull out their phone to snap a photo for Instagram purposes, you can say “HEY!Just because you see something on the Internet doesn’t make it “public.” When something is shared personally, that doesn’t mean that you have to run to thousands of people to show them, too. Now that a lot of Internet-native folks are growing up and having families of their own, they are now understanding the value of having a personal life being able to share it with their friends via the Internet.