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Mendez was sentenced to 46 months in prison, while Champion received a 63-month term. Jared Mendez, 32, of Bradford, NY, who was convicted of theft of anhydrous ammonia with knowledge it would be used to manufacture methamphetamine, was sentenced to 46 months in prison by Chief U. Between January 2016, and May 4, 2016, authorities said, Champion obtained quantities of pseudoephedrine and sold it to Kennedy. Geraci imposed the sentence in a case in which Kennedy was found guilty of conspiracy to manufacture, possess with intent to distribute, and to distribute, 500 grams or more of a mixture or substance containing meth. Jared Mendez, for example, sold stolen anhydrous ammonia to Kennedy, while Terry Champion sold pseudoephedrine to Kennedy." Jared Mendez, Terry Champion and Wendy Kennedy have been convicted of charges stemming from the conspiracy and will be sentenced on December 1, November 30 and December 19, respectively. 20, 2017 -- Wendy Kennedy, 39, of Beaver Dams, NY, who was convicted of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute methamphetamine, was sentenced Tuesday to 24 months in prison by Chief U. Wendy Kennedy permitted her brother to manufacture methamphetamine at this location, and the defendant used that location to sell methamphetamine to others." In addition to Scott and Wendy Kennedy, defendants Jared Mendez and Terry Champion have also been convicted and sentenced. Between July 2015 and October 2015, Jared Mendez stole anhydrous ammonia and sold it to Kennedy. "During that time," a press release noted, "defendant personally manufactured large amounts of methamphetamine at his home at 44 Campground Road in the Town of Catlin and on the property maintained by his sister, Wendy Kennedy, at 2200 County Route 19 in the Town of Dix." Kennedy, the release said, "also received assistance from numerous co-conspirators who provided him with supplies with the intent that he would use those supplies to manufacture methamphetamine.Medical personnel tended to the three victims for more than a half hour and ambulances arrived to transport them to the hospital.

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In fact, the father of the boy with the injured jaw said a high level of carbon monoxide was found in the youngster's system at the hospital.

The power of faith and prayer is impossible to quantify but was so vital to my recovery.

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