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Guerrilla followed two years later, and in mid-2000 the band resurfaced with Mwng.

Cameos by John Cale and Paul Mc Cartney were featured on the ambitious 2001 album Rings Around the World, while 2003's Phantom Power was a looser affair. 1 and the new album Love Kraft were both released in 2005.

If like us you love all of the aforementioned then chances are you’ll be very excited upon listening to the handful of presently available songs from his forthcoming solo album, out 30th July as a split release on Dell’Orso Records and Strangetown Records, and his first full release under his own name.

Having just had the honour of getting to interview SFA bassist Guto Pryce about his also-splendid new project Gulp, Rocksucker was thrilled to complete a Super Furry double by enjoying a hearty natter with Ciaran over his “temperamental” phone – a noteworthy quirk, you may or may not agree, for such an apparent technology whizz.

It was followed within a few months by another EP, Moog Droog, which was also sung in Welsh. By the end of 1995, Super Furry Animals had gained a strong, cross-generational fan base in Wales while gathering a strong cult following in Britain, which led to a six-album record contract with Creation Records.

Prior to signing with Creation, the band had decided to sing the majority of their songs in English, in order to reach a wider audience.

If he’s got the time, he should have something out by next year. Click here to read part two of Rocksucker’s interview with Cian Ciaran!

Super Furry Animals also became infamous during the summer of 1996 for attending all of the pop music festivals in a gigantic tank.

"Something 4 the Weekend" and "If You Don't Want Me to Destroy You" became hit singles in the summer and fall of 1996.

All five members had played in bands throughout their teens prior to forming the group, most notably Rhys, who had previously played in a jangle pop band named Emily that was briefly signed to Creation, as well as a Welsh noise rock band called Ffa Coffi Pawb.

Following the dissolution of Ffa Coffi Pawb, Rhys played in a trio with Pryce and Ieuan, which eventually evolved into Super Furry Animals.The group signed with the Rough Trade label in 2006 and released the addictive pop album Hey Venus! Two years later, the group released Dark Days/Light Years and then went on hiatus.

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