Updating cached messages outlook 2016

06-Jan-2018 20:09

If you use Exchange server and online mode, not cached mode, the message is moved to the outbox on the server, allowing you to close Outlook.I highly recommend testing this feature before using, so you understand how it works.Use this dialog to stop accidentally closing Outlook.One of the utilities in the MAPILab Toolbox, Email Scheduler allows you to chedule messages to be sent at specific date/times or intervals by setting up a task for each message.(Test this before using it.) You can use VBA to send a message when a reminder fires.See Send an email when an Appointment reminder fires for the code.Testing it beforehand will allow you to see if your email server uses the time you sent it to the Outbox or when Outlook actually sent the message.

This rule can apply to all messages or only to messages that meet the conditions you set.The monthly and yearly patterns can be adjusted by a number of days so that schedules like "2nd to last workday of the year" or "3 days after the first Tuesday of every month" can be specified.Works with all Outlook accounts, including IMAP and Set a schedule and recurrence as Outlook appointment and send emails on a later date.

The add-in adds a separate calendar where all your scheduled emails are displayed in a familiar fashion.

MAPILab Toolbox is a set of 18 different add-ins for Outlook.