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It sounds more sophisticated to say I attend Yoga Classes rather than just say ''I go to the GYM or Go for a Jog', not that subscribe to it or do this but there are people who do this. I am not Patanjali and not in this forum/thread to support yoga or prove anything for or against Yoga.Different people come for different reasons and stop at various levels wherever they are satisified with be it physical, mental Who is showing superiority here ? Self Realization is understanding the true nature of your self what "I" means which according to scriptures is not the Body, Mind, Intellect or Ego.Equating this to have realized something external, like the vibrations from some other planet/stars is just hogwash.Such talk will put my head into overdrive, with thoughts of aggressively arguing against it.

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It is something that can be hinted at by the Teacher for the Student to find out on his/her own.

the Simplests/Grossest and moves on towards the subtler and subtler sheaths.