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09-Oct-2017 15:29

I'm not saying that Jews aren't bad people or anything, but that the neo-Jewish faiths have been slaughtering their way around the world for 1600 years, forcing people to give up folk beliefs that date back untold millenia.When the British and French conquered Africa, they burned the "male houses" where traditional remedies were kept and forced the Africans to worship Jesus the Jew and become Christians.- JOSEPH GOEBBELS His Face Book page has been removed. Correct, he is definitely Leftist & Anti-Trump in ideology.The Asian gf itself is enough to infer that he supports multiculturalism, open borders & free immigration.I very strongly agree with FWM's suggestions that we become a force within our political and legal institutions, though.White Nationalists are the only people in this country, at the moment, who gives two shakes for the future of whites in America (and by extension, America, itself), and since we are a nation of the government and for the government, that would be our only chance at a happy existence.Everyone else has a caucus, a lobby, and other special interest groups, we need those, too.Israel has lobby groups - think about it: a foreign country has lobby groups, but the people who built this country don't even have a single one.

But we don't know what we are supposed to believe, since the missionaries destroyed that knowledge. If immigration from non-White countries was restricted, he would have had difficulty in obtaining his Asiatic mail order brides.I agree with a lot of what the article says, although I am usually very skeptical of anything I don't see with my own two eyes.

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