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Just how many times have you felt like a book case, sitting in the living room gathering dust, full of thoughts already written? If you’ve followed Mars Melons at all over the past few years, you know Duelling Ants is → New record in from UFL.I accidentally found a post-it in the bird feeder the same day I picked this up.Speaking with Cas about the release, he reveals the songs are representations of semi-hallucinatory or dreamlike states of mind of his, often colorful and strange. Glass eyes in both → Here’s the third iteration of what’s becoming the epic tale of Frank Walker. Should definitely be performed in some concert hall at some point.Many of these tracks are sort of hypnagogic, in that they are as much visions from dreams, as they → ‘Hovering the Wetlands’ is the first travelouge from our buddies JL & Modarch since the release of Shine UTGA back in 2013. In this third installment of the Frank Walker series Thomas Bergsten joins forces with some psych rockers from Jupiter, to be specific, the Harvey → Fresh out of Australia, ‘Sundae’ is a “sunny sort of record”, according to Polly, who says she’s been making it on the go as she’s been travelling the outback with her pet koala, Steve.This occurs when the magnetic field of an astrophysical object interacts with the nearby flowing ambient plasma.For example, when the solar wind, flowing with a relative speed of order 400 km/s, encounters the magnetic field of → ‘Kartotek’ is another introspective glimpse into Gorgonsola Flyplass. The last two are star gazers, thinking → On his debut album on Mars Melons, Laserost explores the complex relationship between man and machine, human and robot, emotions vs artificial intelligence.

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“It’s a critique of the people whose process doesn’t involve pink luputex”, he explains. got → Trixie Marmalade lives in a caravan following the Harvey Steel travelling medicine show, where she practices as a fortune teller, a burlesque dancer, fish whisperer and a spiritual medium, as well as a backing singer for the Harvey Steel’s tribute band. The cassette got lost, and so did Fuel, but he’s back now. The sun is like a piercing dagger outside, → This in from Ulf. → Ad work for the awkward, quirky drum perc loan shark asterix mark tally heart. Ok, → The final version of Rone Sure’s EP (that was retracted a few months back) is done!

The idea was to just plug into the amps and record without too much analyzing and hesitation. ‘Pusten jager’ is → A new exquisite record from Coax, squishing itself through the grapevine. I wasn’t quite sure if she worked there or whether she lived there.

Here’s Ulf’s lowdown; Coax’s new record CRASH2 is a great listen. She had a fascination for octopi and would often tell the weirdest stories about the time she worked a boat in the south Pacific catching these → Boblebad sounds like it’s been kept in a time capsule since the early 90’s, but have somehow evolved in there, and gets out all frisky and 95’ski and asks – whatever happened to that OL-floka, man? Yeah yeah, flannel shirts and Kurt Cobain and no internet, and everything innocent, floppy → Back in 2005, Bob Marley’s old band, The Wailers, played a sold-out gig at Rockefeller in Oslo.

Attention: Piano roll overflow going too fast, but dying too slow. If you ever come down to Ruby Bridge, you know where to lie. Cincano was a magician, composer, inventor and traveler in time and space.

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Down the drain of kindred horror, showcasing bee-stung grizzly bears hiding from evil. A fabulous play was made to accompany the second episode of Frank Walker. Tracklist → Hamstern & The You Know Who’s returns, but this time they’re re-surfacing as Hamstern Inc.

It’s heading in another direction than COM1, towards a more ‘orchestral’ sounding record. After the show, a bunch of young Norwegian reggae enthusiasts/musicians managed to hook up with some of the guys from The Wailers to record music.