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It also catalogues dozens of different activities—from Cross Fit to rowing and yoga—so you can measure your heart rate and calories burned through each, which are then tracked and added to your overall strain.

Whoop executives specifically wanted to first introduce the wearable to pro athletes to build credibility within the marketplace and differentiate the band amid a glut of other products.

It also created a wellspring of publicity for the two-plus year old company: Le Bron James reportedly wore Whoop during Cleveland Cavaliers practices, while his then-teammate Matthew Dellavedova donned it during games (and was subsequently warned that wearing it while on the court was prohibited).

While the company refuses to name or officially speak on other athletes that use Whoop, it’s clear the band is gaining momentum among both elite college athletes and pros alike.

For example: I ran 3.5 miles last Wednesday at a clip of eight minutes, and then received just five hours of sleep.

I had planned to run again on Thursday, but Whoop informed me that my body had recovered by just 25 percent, and it might be better to do a light workout.

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But packed within that clunky package is a hell of a computer—and one that, for now, has virtually outclassed the competition.

“Athletes are competitive and like to be evaluated,” says Jaeger.