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The concept outlined in the book is not simply one of urban planning, but also included a system of community management.

For example, the Garden City project would be financed through a system that Howard called "Rate-Rent", which combined financing for community services (rates) with a return for those who had invested in the development of the City (rent).

A railway station was opened in 1903 a few hundred yards west of its current position and railway companies often ran excursions to the town, bringing people to marvel at the social experiment and sometimes to mock it: Letchworth's founding citizens, attracted by the promise of a better life, were often caricatured by outsiders as idealistic and otherworldly.

John Betjeman in his poems Group Life: Letchworth and Huxley Hall painted Letchworth people as earnest health freaks.

The Farmhouse at Redcoats will be kept a ‘way of life’ as it has always been, but with a few added extras.”The Farmhouse at Redcoat will reopen in early July.

To find out more or book a table from the end of July, see uk.

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As part of the ongoing #Could You Care campaign, aimed at encouraging more people to become a professional carer, we speak to one of the county's care practitioners to find out what she gets out of her role.

A competition was held to find a town design which could translate Howard's ideas into reality, and September 1903 the company "First Garden City Ltd." was formed, Richard Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin were appointed architects, and 6 square miles (16 km²) of land outside Hitchin were purchased for building.

In keeping with the ideals only one tree was felled during the entire initial construction phase of the town, and an area devoted to agriculture surrounding the town was included in the plan – the first "Green Belt".

The book also advocated a rudimentary form of competitive tendering, whereby the municipality would purchase services, such as water, fuel, waste disposal, etc., from (often local) commercial providers.

These systems were never fully implemented, in Letchworth, Welwyn or their numerous imitators.He added: “We’re extremely delighted and very lucky to have Sherwin on board as he has the same vision as all of us at ACI.”Fifteenth-century Redcoats was bought in 1916 by the grandfather of former owners Jackie Gainsford and brother Peter Butterfield.