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’ There was a lot of pressure to fall back on interviews to tie everything together, because up until the last month before was going to launch, the first episode was not making a lot of sense."We came up with the idea that Lauren should be the main character and entry point at the last minute.“I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.”“You know what you did.”“Truth and time tells all.”These three quotes are as memorable today as they were when Lauren Conrad and Justin Bobby Brescia first uttered them on as a whole, you somehow fall into an existential quandary that will plague the supposed “reality” show from now until it’s officially erased from our cultural consciousness: Was it real or fake?The series premiered 10 years ago, yet we can’t seem to forget it — or forgive its confusing nature. Since the show went off the air, various cast members have come forward to make different claims as to just how specifically producers manipulated them during filming to craft various story lines.These narrative arcs captured not just viewers’ attention (at the height of its run, the series was the most-watched show in its time slot among its target demographic), but also landed Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag — better known as Speidi — and other cast members on the covers of tabloids. You got us talking back then, and we’re still talking now.

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Can you guys come up with a show where you can tell the narrative without doing that?We were kind of shackled to the reality of what these people’s situations were…We tried very hard not to step in, but we’ve been very open about the fact that we’ve reshot scenes that we missed.“I am surprised at the amount of nostalgia for the show…

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Once MTV kept re-running it, I had a feeling it was lasting,” Travis remarked.“It’s nice to hear that people still care about it after all these years, [and] that someone is doing a story about the 10th anniversary of the first episode airing.