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Hansard sounds almost relieved to be back in his natural environment after his brush with cinematic notoriety. " he asks, before providing his answer: "I think ultimately what you do is take a holiday, drink a bottle of champagne, get some perspective and wake up one morning, clap your hands together and say, 'OK, back to work'."Irglova is uncertain whether she would want to repeat her acting experience: "With film, it's all about the actor being able to feel the things that the character's feeling. Music I find much easier because you're being honest about where you are as a person."There it is, that fidelity to the truth thing again. ' That would be the opening line."• Strict Joy is out on Monday on Anti-Records.But should she ever want to revisit her character from Once, Hansard and Carney have already worked out what happens in the sequel. "I would listen to the song and I would hear a melody in my head and that's still how I do it to this day. I think Glen is to blame for this, really."According to Hansard, it's a symbiotic relationship: "I didn't discover it immediately, but after a couple of years of playing music with Mar, I realised I had found a musical partnership that not only matched my relationship with my own band but surpassed it in some ways too."The latest result of that partnership is the new Swell Season album, Strict Joy.Perhaps as an inevitable consequence of their romantic split, the 12 songs on the album were written separately, with the lion's share of the content coming from Hansard.It's a little odd, but not much more odd than hearing any guy sing your song.

He had already played a musician on screen in The Commitments, Alan Parker's 1991 film about an Irish soul band.There were personal repercussions for Hansard and Irglova too, as life imitated art and their off-screen relationship bloomed."You don't go through an experience like that and not come out the other side either hating each other or much closer," comments Hansard, "and me and Mar came out much, much closer.""The friendship and connection that you're watching on screen between Glen and I exists, and it did grow into a deeper love afterwards," says Irglova.The Czech inflections, so charming in Once, are fighting a losing battle.

Her songwriting, however, has flourished."When I met Glen, he said, 'Just play along to my songs' and that was completely new for me," she says.

Hansard spotted her potential as a singer and songwriter and invited her to contribute backing vocals at some of his gigs.

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