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United Somali Association of Queensland President Hussein Ahmed said the past two days had been very difficult for the Somali community, but the family was coping well."They have started the grieving process and all of the community are rallying behind them and offering them all the support necessary, emotionally and financially, whatever they can offer," Mr Ahmed told reporters outside the mosque.One South African who has just seen the movie had this to say about the film: Matt Damon did a great job having been tutored by voice coaches and spending time with Francois Pienaar.

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Directed by Clint Eastwood, the title of the movie comes from a poem written on a scrap of paper that Mandela had in his prison cell.There was heaps of food including chocolates, marshmallows, cakes and a hot sizzling juicy BBQ! It was a chance to build relationships based on love and sisterhood between the girls teenagers and even the mums. Keep and eye out for INVICTUS - a graphic and stirring portrayal of Nelson Mandela's first term in office after his 27 years in prison.