Elderly versus people with disabilities accomodating

24-Nov-2017 00:19

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I think it really depends on the state, or country for that matter.

I live in US now but I am originally from Romania, and for example in my country the doctors are not obliged to report you, at least from what I know.

I know that in Minnesota you cannot drive until 6 months after your last seizure and it's 3 months in Wisconsin.

I hear they do prosecute severly if you have epilepsy and you are driving when you are not supposed to and you get into a car accident.

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I haven't reported myself, but I have also pretty much stopped driving for now (drove twice in the last month, both times very short distances).

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Elderly and vulnerable people have been conned out of more than £1.7 million by bogus tax office staff who persuade them to settle non-existent bills using i Tunes gift cards.

However, I've been to the ER several times this year and DMV has not been notified. also said I'm suppose to be 6 months seziure-free before driving.

My husband and I have restricted my driving ourselves.

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The reason I am asking is because I don't want to have a record BEFORE I even get a licence! I don't think its a law for the DR to but I would hate to have my sons killed by someone that could not control their seizure and decided to drive It would be very tragic to my family and to theirs!!! In NJ and PA a Doctor must report if a seizure presents itself.

I contacted the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California about this issue. If someone get a license after having had a seizure, and the DMV isn't aware of it, that doctor would be held accountable if you had a seizure while driving. In CA, the law requires them to report every seizure to the DMV, but usually not when you don't have a license. I lost my license in the early 90's do to uncontrolled seizures.