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08-Jul-2017 16:49

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However, if they persuade you to buy a "lemon" car at a high price, that is manipulation. Everyday giving-and-taking between people is based on the social rule of Reciprocity.

Essentially, reciprocity means that someone should be willing to return a favor in-kind, when one is done for them.

Manipulative Taking - Given the rule of reciprocity, if a person takes a gift without appreciating it and intending to reciprocate in-kind, then he/she is being manipulative.

This is especially true when the "taking" occurs multiple times, without the taker making any movement to repay and balance the exchange.

Such a person is essentially "scamming" the system - and getting something for nothing.

Such a taker may further manipulate and attempt to justify their actions by saying that "the giver should not be keeping tabs".

From your comments, there appears to be a lot of questions about "giving and taking" in dating interactions. In my work, I make the personal distinction between "influence" and "manipulation".This is true no matter what other circumstances are present.If it is creating an unfair and grossly imbalanced exchange, then it is manipulative.Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Thank you all for the great feedback on the last article in this series. I will address the question of taking becoming manipulative in this article.

Given the support, I have decided to continue writing about "Defense Against Manipulative Dating Games". I will save the questions about manipulative giving for the next post.In other words, when the exchange created is only one-sided, unequal, and someone is conned out of something.