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05-Oct-2017 12:55

For two years Donnelly’s daughter Shannon Fischer and her husband Jamie tried to have a baby. ’ and they’re going to have a child for the rest of theirs.” It was long process that involved a heavy dose of fertility drugs for both Fischer and Donnelly, who had already gone through menopause. Fischer says she was standing in line for a coffee at White Oaks Mall when she received a call from her fertility doctor telling her that her mom was pregnant. “People must have thought someone close to me died.” But being pregnant again at 58 doesn’t come without its own challenges.

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The actress, previously best known as Miss Marple, crosses the criminal divide to play the sprightly title character in Gangsta Granny – and in the process has acquired a heap of new skills.His gauche, Strictly Come Dancing-obsessed parents, Mike, played by Walliams, and Linda, played by Miranda Hart, think his chosen career of plumbing is far too dangerous.

Dennis Stevenson, author of the report, said in light of the “demonstrable impact of poor workplace wellbeing” on workers, employers and the UK economy, the Government must accept the recommendations in full and employers must affect change.… continue reading »

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