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These feelings kept me from being an adult and taking care of myself.I left a lot of these responsibilities to my husband; and now he was gone and I was alone and I needed to take care of everything.If anything still stirs up my old pain I have the tools to deal with it, and than understand what reality is in a situation rather than reacting from the little girl inside of me. Janov has passed away but not without impact in our lives.When I discovered his books, I was fascinated how humanistic his soul was. So, I felt this person has a clue of how I feel and propose concrete solutions. My life as a primal patient is a life of consciousness, light and hope.

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This was all laid on me as a small child and throughout my life.It may help to change the practice of psychotherapy as we know it, and above it, how we give birth today; the shoulds and should nots.It explains in detail how early trauma and adversity can have lifelong consequences and result in serious afflictions from cancer to diabetes. Arthur Janov examines the power of beliefs and how they are used as a mechanism for dealing with early trauma that goes as far back as birth.

Beliefs are a way to rationalize with pain rooted deep in the unconscious, and reveal that love is a biological need. Janov applies engrossing case studies and his many years of experience to bring the reader one step closer to understanding human behavior, and how pain can become converted into an idea. Janov's opus magnum, a revolutionary work in every sense of the word.

This therapy that Art pioneered has the ability to help everyone right down to the little baby in the womb. For a number of years before entering therapy I had been doing a lot of different drugs and smoking marijuana and cigarettes daily.