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22-Sep-2017 08:14

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That promotes the habituation so your fingers can, over time, learn with for which app pairs to tap tab and for which to double-tap tab. App switching can be be modeled with a Markov model.

Why not crunch the numbers in real-time and use the output of the Markov model to determine to which app you are most likely to switch?

It’s really just a generalization of the above idea.

You could actually take it a step further further and use the Markov model to find the sets of apps you switch between often, thereby allowing the computer to automatically detect the workspaces you make ad-hoc simply by watching how you switch between apps.

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I’m sure there are other ways of coming up with a smarter ordering.

Thinking about how to switch tabs rips your attention from completing your task and put it squarely on using the computer.