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20-Jan-2018 00:03

Mr Slattery revealed how he'd been working on establishing Avolon with colleagues about two years before the actual launch.

"I remember I called up the managing partner of Maples at the time and gave him the vision," he said, telling the partner that he had needed top tier legal work done, but had no money to pay for it. he said 'we'll give you half-a-million euro in credit for legal work and if it works out, we're going to be your firm for the long term.

He said the listing was personally a "huge learning curve".

"Clearly, the opportunity lies for more and more Irish companies to get to the point of going public and not selling out too early, which is unfortunately a characteristic of a lot of our stars in any sector, particularly the tech sector," he said.

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Avolon was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2014 before sold months later to Bohai.

"The size of our representation, diplomatically, in China is de minimis," he said.

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