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You have to separate yourself from your circumstances and look at what you have inside—not what is before you or behind you, it’s what’s inside you. He recalls a battery of their admonitions: “Don't do that, what are you going there, you don't need to be with that person, what are doing with that guy?It's a truthful thing.”He brightens, and says again how “better” he wants to be. ” Their big, recurring question, “What are you doing? It's a big thing to say yes to, but yeah I would.They bounce off easier now."Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn, his co-stars, once sat him down to offer some advice. “This poor woman baking for three days with my name on all these cupcakes she's made.” All of it sounds lovely, but it made Guttenberg uncomfortable. To people who really love me they want me to keep working.Guttenberg was expecting them to say to study the classics, learn to write. Sitting opposite him, I can report this isn't faux-humility, or grand-scale humblebragging: he means it. I'm from that Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn school.Alfred Drake told him to improve his acting so he could play the heavy. “I'm doing what you're doing,” Guttenberg says. Oh my gosh, it was my first big commercial hit, the first movie I was an owner in. “They just didn't come with the money,” Guttenberg says laughing. They would go out and have a great time, and then Kalkin and his friends would head off to the gay bars, and they would not allow Guttenberg, despite his requests, to join them."First of all, you don't fit in,” they told him. I have parents, sisters, friends, people I care about and love."Self-administered tough love also helps. Have there been times of ' Damn, what the hell's going on?And his co-star Johnson quoted George Burns: “Stay booked."The advice that has really stuck came via Lionel Richie in an Oprah Winfrey ' Master Class', “who said,” says Guttenberg, “that OK, you're a big movie star or singing star, you've got all the girls, all the money, all the drugs, all the booze. "Guttenberg pauses and says emphatically, “' Cause that's the game bro.' Can you handle it? But it doesn't compute: people have their fixed ideas of celebrities, he says, and part of it is the idea that they occupy a different part of the stratosphere. “We were supposed to meet in a darkened alley and trade suitcases.” He laughs, conjuring the image.“I was going to give them my talent they were going to give me my money. I handed over my talent, and the money was a little light. ' They said, ' That's all we got.' I said, ' Really? That's why it didn't work out."He is, or was, something of a gay pin-up, especially to anyone who saw his pert ass in ."I know, I'm very proud of that,” he says of the appreciation. ' OK they didn't choose you for this role, so pass the broccoli.' ' You can't put your shoes on.' Oh shut the fuck up.'"He lived within his means and seams, as he puts it. ' Yeah, 'cos we have great stuff in the store, but I know there's always the part of the night when I am going to leave that store and go home, which is where I want to be."The way to get out of those dark moments is to realize “no one is getting you out of there,” says Guttenberg.

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I’m really good at getting older.” Smith helps him be his best: “Not your uncomfortable best or an anxiety-fueled best, but your best.” They live near Lincoln Center, got engaged last December, and will “likely” marry in the spring, but no date has been set..

Every morning that devil comes in and he is trying to tell me how things are not working out.

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