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22-Jan-2018 14:41

Anyway the rain had cleared by the time I had finished my drink and I rapidly moved on.

Airport may score highly in the nighttime league, but its flounders in the relegation zone in the afternoon league.

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They were dancing 3 at a time in way too many clothes.

After the show, the dancers slid down the poles for a Go Go spot.

It was good to see that topless was more or less mandatory.

The girls were mostly working just the afternoon shift and were a few notches older and wiser than the evening girls.

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The dancing uniform was a bit naff with bras rather than bikini tops.Thank goodness at Air Port Club expats are not bothered with ping-pong balls. 2 naked girls in shower but only one soaping up and spinning round the tiled podium, the other girl just standing there.