Elucidating photography

17-Jul-2017 09:03

Abstract This article provides a short history of photography and cartooning, with an eye toward elucidating their comingling in comics.

Drawing from the work of several theorists and practitioners, it traces a variety of methods in which photography has been used in comics.

The diffraction pattern determined the helical nature of the double helix strands (antiparallel).

The outside of the DNA chain has a backbone of alternating deoxyribose and phosphate molecules, and the base pairs, the order of which provides codes for protein building and thereby inheritance, are inside the helix.

Elucidating / Wyświetlanie Imaginarium Gallery, Łódź, PL June 10 - 19, 2016 Participants: Izabela Gustowska, Piotr Kurka, Dominik Lejman, Dominika Sadowska, Józef Robakowski, Piotr Kotlicki, Konrad Kuzyszyn.Wybrane realizacje łączyć będzie jednak nie tylko technika prezentacji, ale powołanie sensów, które niosą te obrazy.Rejestracja to zapośredniczenie, "obraz techniczny", czy też komunikat.To be the wind, or not even the lines traced by the silhouetted mountains shaped like teeth coming to break new ground or flesh. To be contentment in the idea of being, and not being something.

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Creating for the sake of creating and not creating to be known for creating something.

SEE VIDEO ______________________________ ELUCIDATING means actions related to the use of a light source as a medium, in this case - for a recorded or digitally generated image.

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