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"Tommy, I expect you to do better, much better," she said. He braced himself for the fourth blow, but it didn't come."Your mother expects you to do better too." "Yes, Ma'am," he replied. Bligh." "Yes, you have and I've noticed, but I've rather enjoyed our little afterschool sessions. Instead she ordered him, "Turn around." He did and to his dismay his dick was hard and he knew he was really in for it.For the third time that week he found himself detained after school."Tommy," Ms.

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But, alas, when the last bell rang, she was looking right at him pointing her finger at him.

Once again he found himself over her lap with his pants down as she soothed the hurt, and like the day before, she stroked his bare buns for a good long time before sending him home.

The following day Tommy did indeed have his homework done and handed it in when Ms. However, he didn't do so well on his arithmetic quiz that afternoon and when the class returned from recess, he was given the bad news.

Again he waited five, ten, twenty minutes, all the while watching the clock slowly tick off the minutes, minutes he could have been out playing with his friends. "I, I didn't write down the assignment yesterday and couldn't remember what it was," the boy explained. " "Yes, Ma'am." "Are you going to turn it in tomorrow?

Finally she got up from her desk, walked to the door, closed it and locked it, then replaced the sheet of paper blocking the tiny window into her classroom. On the one hand he was glad that it was almost over, but on the other hand, he was dreading the next few minutes. " "Yes, Ma'am." "You'd better do it and turn it in! Tommy was too afraid to resist and dropped his pants along with his underwear.

But look around, do you see any place to play ping pong? And I'm going to use it on your bare butt, young man!

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