Radioactive dating sedimentary rock

05-Nov-2017 05:35

In 1975 the Canadian nuclear industry defined its waste-management objective as to "...isolate and contain the radioactive material so that no long term surveillance by future generations will be required and that there will be negligible risk to man and his environment at any time. Storage underground, in deep impermeable strata, will be developed to provide ultimate isolation from the environment with the minimum of surveillance and maintenance." [7]. Hare and known as the "Hare Report") concluded that interim storage was safe, and recommended the permanent disposal of used nuclear fuel in granitic rock, with salt deposits as a second option [8].

In 1977 a Task Force commissioned by Energy, Mines and Resources Canada (led by Dr. This recommendation was echoed shortly afterward by a concurrent Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning (led by Dr.

LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT However, a significant hazard continues to be associated with internal exposures (for example, from inhalation, ingestion, or absorption of long-lived plutonium isotopes), and therefore an effective long-term management strategy is needed to isolate the used fuel and prevent its uptake into the biosphere.

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Both the wet and dry forms of interim storage address the two short-term safety requirements of used reactor fuel, cooling and shielding, with relatively simple technology and inexpensive materials.

The radiation level drops to about 1 Sv/h after 50 years, 0.3 Sv/h after 100 years, and less than 0.001 Sv/h (100 mrem/h) after 500 years.

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