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10-Jul-2017 07:12

Internal politics, competition, and inter-departmental misgivings can block effective collaboration."What the hell is taking so long!? Not knowing what is happening or why makes us feel uneasy.

Which is why transparency is just as critical to service as speed and accuracy. The Psychology of Waiting Lines explains that uncertain waits — not knowing how long the wait will be — and unexplained waits — not knowing the reason for the wait — both make queueing more painful. An interesting Harvard research showed the power of the labor illusion — a show of effort to meet the customer's request.

But while the website of group A showed the results instantly, the website of group B loaded for 30 - 60 seconds. Seeing the work that went into delivering the results gives satisfaction.

One side note: the labor illusion only works when the end result is good.

Johnston's study shows that customers regard accuracy as the minimum.

It won't raise customer satisfaction, but inaccuracy definitely causes dissatisfaction.

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When the shown matches were good looking, the effect was positive. adhered less to the stereotypes of beauty, the effect was negative.You can track various types of service speed, like: Service speed is based on various factors, like: Contact channel.Some communication channels are faster than others. It could take longer than a day to receive a response.The Accuracy Principle gets interesting when we look at the factors affecting it: Training.

Even more than for speed, service training is crucial to raise accuracy.

Customers use the phone because they want to get help now, but the waiting line experience often shatters this hope.