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17-Dec-2017 03:03

A memo from the Ministry of Supply pointed out make-up was as important to women as tobacco was to men.Politically-Neanderthal as it might seem today, the minister who issued it had a point.We’re thrilled to announce that this year’s 2015 Festival Gala will be held on Sunday, September 13.For the past four years, APJ’s annual event has become a mainstay during the Toronto International Film Festival, acquiring a strong following of philanthropists, businesspeople, film stars, directors, musicians, and artists from around the world who come out to have fun and raise vital funds for our programs in Haiti.Unable to actually produce the glorious lipsticks and silk-soft powders the female population craved, the major brands continued to advertise their wares, terrified women might get used to not wearing cosmetics, leaving them with empty coffers after the war.

To inquire about sponsorship, tickets, or anything else please contact us.None of the big cosmetics houses was able to meet demand.Some, such as Coty, which before the war had been a giant name in all things perfumed, were now reduced to making foot powder and anti-gas ointment for the troops.“This was ordinary people’s lives impacted by unprecedented world events,” explains Laura Clouting, curator of Fashion on the Ration, 1940s Street Style, a new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London that opens this week.

“When there was government intervention in every part of your life, when everything else was in flux, your appearance was the only thing you could control.” At first it was almost fun, with ‘everyone in it together.’ The major cosmetics houses created funky, patriotic packaging.But anything the enemy hated was fine by them – and if it made a girl look like a Hollywood film star into the bargain, what was there to really dislike?

They met in graduate school and went through some hard times together, so I understand why they stay friends.… continue reading »

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