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30-Nov-2017 18:06

1991-the near-present: Sexual degradation of women is still taken utterly unseriously by the left, as sexual harassment is used exclusively as a political weapon against enemies of the state: conservatives, white men, athletes and Haven Monahan, the rakish UVA frat boy who didn’t exist, but was still made infamous by Rolling Stone magazine.The proof comes from two major events from the 1990s: The false sexual harassment charges against Judge Clarence Thomas in 1991 and the true sexual assault charges against President Bill Clinton in 1998. Perry Mason-style, her charges were produced decades after the alleged dirty talk, but right before the U. Senate voted on Thomas’ nomination to the Supreme Court.There have been tectonic shifts in Americans’ attitudes about sex, but the idea of thanking someone by sending him a prostitute with a note in her pants is of relatively recent vintage.These are the major epochs in American sexual history: 1607-1968: Women in America were treated better than any place else on Earth, at any time in history.All moral codes are simply outdated and “puritanical” backward thinking. The guardrails, traffic lights, and yellow lines have all been removed. The Left likes to pretend the root problem is an outdated, patriarchal view of the world. Not only that, the more who are called to account for their tawdry actions, the better.

Just read the latest student handbook from any California public university for proof.

No touching, no propositioning, no quid pro quo, no grabbing a woman’s breasts and taking a photo.

The media did all they could to support Hill, featuring her defenders on all the Sunday shows, but — and this was the key —Americans saw the hearings.

It’s been a long time coming, but the bill is coming due for the hip and progressive sexual revolution in America.

The sexual abuse and harassment sweepstakes we are witnessing today is the direct result of our society deciding that Christian morality is narrow, repressive, and above all, not cool. Have whatever sexual relationships you want, when you want, with whoever you want.I heard an old preacher once say this: “Your life is a house, and your marriage is the fireplace.