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that violate the right to access information…can be appealed to a higher body or to higher official or in court. If as a result of wrongful refusal in access to information…or its untimely granting, or granting of intentionally misleading information or information not corresponding to the content of the request, the information user was caused damages, such damages are subject to compensation according to the civil legislation of the Russian Federation.” (Article 23) The law has a proactive publication aspect, instructing government agencies to disseminate information about their activities on the internet – their functions, staff and contact email addresses and telephone numbers.[11] The law provides the administrative detail to realise the right given in the Constitution, and includes a legal definition for the term “information about the work of government organs.” [12] Time frames for requests are 30 days, and a department should transfer the request if it does not hold the information and knows who does.Article 19 note the unique exemptions regime of the law: Unlike most other laws, it does not set out in detail the circumstances under which access to information may be refused.The requests were limited to ‘informal requests for straightforward information – the kind that should be easily available without recourse to Freedom of Information legislation’. The Global Integrity Index of 2010 noted while Russian citizens has a strong constitutional right to information (scoring 90 out of 100), the actual ability of citizens to utilise this right was very limited (scoring only 56/100).

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Global Integrity Report: Russian Federation – 2010, [11] Freedom Of Info, “Russia: Freedom of Information Overview,” [12] Ibid.

On 21 January 2009, the first Russian FOI law [1] was passed by the Duma – the Federal Law “On providing access to information on the activities of government bodies and bodies of local self-government”. As of 2010, four regions of Russia also had their own FOI Acts.

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