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This was during the glorious wake of Lady Gaga's best moment, the release of "Bad Romance," and my love of the song plus my admiration of Alfred Hitchcock brought about the Eureka moment, though it was quickly tempered by the debate as to whether the lyric was "Vertigo stick," which had been my first thought, or "Vertigo shtick," which of course turned out to be correct.I still think the triplet of Hitchcock references in "Bad Romance" look better than they translate ("want you in my Rear Window baby, you're sick" has been convincingly interpreted to mean one of two things, one significantly less work-safe than the other), but I liked the nerdy shout-out.It clicked as I viewed the video a second time a few days later, when instantly I knew why the music was so familiar and of what these anonymous searchers were actually in search: the ominous tremolo from a hoard of cellos was borrowed from the prelude to Bernard Hermann's iconic score for Hitchcock's masterpiece, Vertigo. Good old Gaga, always pulls through just when I'm about to lose all hope.I can honestly say I was so tickled by Gaga's little nod to the post-adolescent set (which Ke$ha also used to great effect with her recent James van der Beek-starring video for "Blow") that I didn't notice any of the plethora of homages to Guess Who that pervade the video until indignant bloggers bellowed them into my consciousness (I did catch the Michael Jackson gloves at the end, but I was far more entranced by the trippy digital effect than anything).When Britney Spears referenced Prince on "I'm a Slave 4 U," THAT was interesting, especially when she followed it up with the first nod to the icon Spears would ultimately draw the most inspiration, Janet Jackson.Of course, Spears was subtle about it, subtlety being so fundamental to her image and style throughout her career; Gaga is of a vastly different school where subtlety stays locked up in a remote closet and only brought out on rare and strategic occasions, and then usually only as a means of amplifying her defining lack thereof.) or a certain luxury car, electronics logo, fragrance or alcohol brand when you're just trying to watch Katy Perry shoot pyrotechnics from her boobs already thank you very much can we get on with it, you can thank Lady Gaga.Then, thank her again when Katy's breasts finally erupt..too has largely been made possible by Lady Gaga, who played a major role in saving the music video itself.

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I'll get on that), but if we scroll down a list of some general postmodern attributes every one of them smacks of Gaga: Contrary to what the current pop conversation might suggest, Lady Gaga does not copy, pay homage to, or suggestively reference (depending on your point of view) Madonna alone.As we add more models and pornstars to this site, we will list them here in this index.Lady Gaga is probably the definition of a pop music postmodernist.As a matter of convenience, the following is a list of models and pornstars arranged alphabetically by their first name.

Clicking each link will give you a list of galleries and updates pertaining to that specific model or pornstar.

To begin with, it's the one visual statement that really makes its point, because Gaga and friend so perfectly manage to turn the most outwardly repulsive characters in a video not exactly overflowing with Prada models into the most lovable, even attractive.

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