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Reviewed at Istanbul Film Festival (national competition), April 12, 2007. With: With: Cezmi Baskin, Ozgu Namal, Umut Kurt, Bahri Beyat, Meral Okay, Nazmi Kirik, Oktay Kaynarca.An outstanding school that offers the best of both worlds: the advantage of modern up-to-date facilities and world-class education, with the charm of an enriched history full of traditions dating back to the 12th century.After priming the time bomb of the communist anthem, the script focuses in the second half more on Abuzer’s family and Gulendam’s relationship with her dad as she becomes an aware young woman, before climaxing with the arrival of the NSC prez.Film could do with some minimal trimming in this half, but the combo of music, songs and perfs, laced with a light irony, is winning, with Namal more than holding her own against the experienced Baskin.

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The path of sustainable development is clearly our choice, challenged by the erosion of time and a generic way of life.When Abuzer overhears her listening to the “Internationale,” he innocently uses the tune as inspiration for a march to welcome the National Security Council’s prez to the town.

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