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Un CTT and Un ZIP the contents in your current "CATTDATA"\Sd2Data\Active Audio_CATT folder overwriting old files.The Dipartimento di Ingegneria Università di Ferrara, Italy have made available a set of anechoic recordings of islamic songs, byzantine songs from CAHRISMA project and a set of anechoic ancient greek songs and music from the ERATO project.A short document that lists known bugs in each version (and sometimes its solution) can be downloaded below before updating.However, even if no bugs have appeared it may still be a good idea to update because of useful additions to the software as given in the addendum below.

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Since this relates mainly to the fixes this TUCT update is free for everyone that has free updates expiring on or after March 29 2010 when TUCT was released. It will be included in subsequent CATT-Acoustic update but can be downloaded in advance (requires unexpired free updates).

Related to that a Directivity module File menu addition to simplify creating a one- element CTA-file from a loaded CF1/CF2-file where an equivalent Sensitivity can be given based on other CLF-file or manufacturer information.